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Maintenance of glossy products

Do not use scouring powders or abrasive cleansers on gelcoat products. These products can scratch the surface and cause precipitate to build up more quickly.
Also, do not use harsh sponges, chemicals containing strong acids, or strong solvents such as acetone to clean the surface.
Any stains from strong colouring agents should be removed from the surface as soon as possible by washing with a soft towel and soapy water solution.
It is also important to avoid contact with hot temperatures, as this can cause permanent damage or discoloration of the surface.

Maintenance of products with matt finish

To ensure a long-lasting matte finish, avoid rubbing the matte surface vigorously when cleaning. Remember to wipe in a gentle back and forth motion, never in circles.

Daily protection of matt and shiny surfaces

It is important to rinse the surface with water after each use and dry it with a paper or microfiber towel. This is to prevent the build-up of mineral or soap precipitate on the matte surface. For daily use, it is recommended to use dishwashing liquid or soap in combination with water. To remove surface stains, use scouring powder and water, then dry the surface thoroughly. Always test all cleaning agents in an invisible area.

Deep stain removal

In the case of heavier soiling, use water and cleaning agents with delicate abrasive elements. You can use a wire sponge and the entire process should be completed by carefully drying the surface.

Sharp items
Using sharp tools can scratch the material. If a scratch appears, use a scrubbing sponge and then dry the cleaned surface.

Hot items

It is essential to avoid putting hot objects directly on the matte surface. In case of discoloration, it is recommended to use mild cleaning powders.


Aggressive chemicals left on a product for an extended period of time can cause discoloration or damage. Keep solvents, acids, strong dyes and chemical cleaners away from the surface.
In case of direct contact, it must be rinsed with water as soon as possible. If the stain remains visible, a soft scrubbing sponge may be helpful, followed by careful drying of the product.


Dyes found in coffee, wine, juices, etc. can cause discoloration. Such substances should be kept away from the matte surface. Fresh stains should be removed as soon as possible.

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