The slings are designed for hanging and stabilizing the track of suspended rail rails with rope or own drive, designed for transporting materials or people, the sling hooks are adapted for fixing on the pavement frame sections.

In its offer, Dremex has got hooked suspensions for suspended routes:

  • YP type
  • ZPS type
  • type VDS 40
  • type VDS 50
  • type ŁPrw Szpon - 1

Suspensions of suspended routes type ŁPrw Szpon – 1

ŁPrw Szpon-1 slings are designed for suspending monorail track rails to the housing of a susceptible track. They are intended for the ŁPr pavement enclosure composed of the Jd36 and V36 sections. It can also be used to stabilize the transverse track (lashings).

Technical characteristics:

  • slings type ŁPrw Szpon-1
  • Maximum sling load: 240kN/n
  • Maximum chain deflection angle:
    • from the plane of the arch of the casing (alpha): 40°
    • from the bending radius (beta) radius: 15°
  • Tightening torque for M24 nuts: 300 ÷ 330 Nm

Suspension hooks for VDS suspended routes

VDS slings are designed for suspension of monorail lines to the arched housing of the sloping runway rails. VDS slings can also be used to stabilize the transverse track (lashings). The sling hooks are adapted for mounting on the ŁP profile sill fence type V25 to V36 and V25D to V36D (the “D” determinant means that the catch is adapted to the housing on the site of the “two” V profiles) and KS / KO .

Technical characteristics:

  • Maximum load of VDS / 40 sling - with standardized hooks: 40kN
  • Maximum load on the VDS / 50 sling - with hooks and traverse after heat treatment: 50kN
  • Maximum angle of chain deflection (for 40kN and for 50kN):
    • from the casing arch plane (alpha): 60°
    • from the bending radius (beta) radius: 45°
  • Tightening torque for tap screws: 300 Nm
  • Recommended chain size: 18x63, 18x90, 18x64
Certificate for hook suspensions for suspended routes