Slings are designed to hold and stabilize the hanged railway routes for both rope-driven or self-propelled types and they are used in transportation of both materials or people. Hang hooks are adapted to attach to the housing section of gallery.

Tramlines of suspended lifts are manufactures in various versions and versions, depending on user’s requirements and purpose, such as:

  • DRT suspended track
  • DRT-2 suspended track
  • DRT 17 suspended track
  • DRT 170/90 suspended track
  • DRK suspended track
  • DRTK 4 suspended track
  • DRTK 4B suspended track

Straight running rail type 17

Straight type running rail type 17 is a sub-assembly of the suspended rail track, designed for transport units of suspended railways of the approved type, used for transporting people or transporting materials, with own propulsion (ie. a diesel locomotive). It can be a part of the DRT, DRK, DRTK 4, DRTK 4B, DRT 170/90, DRT 17 routes.

Basic technical data:

  • Max. Longitudinal load of the rail connector: 185 kN
  • Max. Load on the rail connector in the direction of suspension: 50 kN
  • Maximum slope of the roadway: ± 27°
  • Maximum speed of transport sets: 2 m/s
  • Recommended sling chain: 18x64, 18x90
  • Profile of the roadway track:
    • with bottom reinforcement 50x16
    • with bottom and top reinforcement 50x16
    • with bottom and top reinforcement, doubled 20x20
  • Material: S355JR + N, S355JR + AR or S480W

Straight type 17 rails are used in underground mines in non-methane and methane fields in excavations classified as “a”, “b” or “c” of methane explosion hazard and in excavations classified as “A” or “B” class of explosion hazard coal dust.

Equipment for roadways includes:

  • slings
  • stabilizers
Certificate for DRT suspended track