The doouble-shackle hooks are used to connect elements of the cover-section of gallery made of type V structural in underground mines.

In our offer, Dremex company has got shackles in basic and strengthened variety:

  • Double-shackle hook in SD type:
    • SD25,
    • SD25W,
    • SD29,
    • SD29W,
    • SD32/34/36,
    • SD32/34/36W
  • Double-shackle hook in SDO type:
    • SDO25,
    • SDO25W,
    • SDO29,
    • SDO29W,
    • SDO32/34/36,
    • SDO32/34/36W
  • Double-shackle hook in SDK36 type.

Doouble-shackle hooks in SDK type are designed for connecting elements of the susceptible steel door housing made of V-shaped profiles (V32 / 34/36 profiles).

Complete set of double-shackle hook consists of :

  • upper SDKG36 and lower SDKD36
  • upper SDKG36 or upper SDKS36 and lower SDKD36.

Each hook consist of the following elements:

  • upper yoke
  • lower yoke
  • two special screw M27x2,5 or M27x1,25 with a thread class of 8,8 or 10,9
  • special nut M27 tith class 8 or 10

Repair set for the housing doors can be used to joining two elements of broken housing doors or V-section segments (from V25 to V36).

Repair set for the housing doors can be used as replacement when the hook is broken or when housing dors should be strengthened. Repair set is fast and easy to use while keeping strength parameters wchith are similar to SD hook.
Repair set has also simple construction. It is posible to reach because of application special nuts M24 wchith are analogical to special nuts in SD hooks.

Certyfikat na strzemiona dwujarzmowe do odrzwi obudowy typu SD oraz SDO