A stand which consists of sections type V29 and V32 is an immediate  supporting friction stand, characterized by a nominal and working support which gives a possibility to use it in  mine housing.

Currently company Dremex can offer a friction stands:

  • type SV29, SV29t, SV29tw
  • type SV32, SV32t, SV32tw

Stand is mainly designed for use as:

    • an element of the straight support construction,
    • an element which strengthens the existing arc housing or the one under construction,
    • an element  supporting  binding joists and steel or wooden girders that strengthen the construction or directly support the rock mass.

Basic technical parameters of the stand:

Nominal support of the stand:

  • Stand SV29180kN
  • Stand SV29t280kN
  • Stand SV29tw380kN

Working support of the stand:

  • Stand SV29180kN ± 25%
  • Stand SV29t280kN ± 25%
  • Stand SV29tw350kN ± 25%
  • Stand SV32200kN ± 25%
  • Stand SV32t315kN ± 20%

Description for drawings
Hc – total height of the stand measured from the support surface to the support elements,
Zmin- the minimum length of the tab,
Hrd- length of the core with lace to its support surface,
Hsp- lenght of the bottom with thickness of supporting elements,

Stands SV29t, SV29tw – characterized by resistance to dynamic loads of 2,8x104 energy

Certificate for friction stands SV232, SV32t
Certificate for friction stands SV29t, SV29tw