Welded mesh cladding are made of spirally rolled, smooth or mixed spot welded steel rods . Welded mesh cladding is designed to be used for lining gallery’s walls’ construction, it supports structurals as the means of protection against falling or slipping lumps of coal, stone, ores or other minerals in underground mines.

In our offer, Dremex company has got welded mesh cladding:

  • hook mesh
    • DRC-light,
    • DRC-heavy,
    • DRG-light,
    • DRG- heavy
  • chain mesh
    • DRGŁ-heavy,
    • Chain mesh (one-sided heavy hook)
  • chain-node mesh
    • DR-ŁWL-1-light,
    • DR-ŁWC-1-heavy;
    • DR-ŁWC-3-heavy;
    • DR-ŁWC-4-heavy;
    • DR-ŁWC-5-heavy,
    • Chain-node heavy
Certificate for welded mesh cladding chain-node 1x heavy-duty type DR-ŁWC-5