Steel pipe struts are designed to stabilize the backs of housings of corridor and chamber workings, made of V-shaped profiles.

In its offer, Dremex has multi-element steel pipe struts:

  • symmetrical RSMD
  • unbalanced RSN

The RSN steel pipe struts are designed to stabilize the door sections of the corridor and chamber workpieces made of sections: V25, V29 and V32 / 34/36 with a spacing of the door ridge from a minimum of 0.3 m to a maximum of 1.25 m every 0.1 m including for spacing 0.75 and 1.25 m. It is allowed (at the request of the customer) struts of different lengths, but within the range of min-max. The stabilization of the arch using the RSN struts creates a spatial structure from the joined frames, which together with the claddings and the liner become the mining housing of the excavation. In accordance with the requirements of the PN-G-15000-7 standard, they were defined as struts:

  • light "L" for V25 section frames,
  • medium "S" for the V29 section,
  • heavy "C" for the profile V32 / V34 / V36.
Certificate for pipe struts for the RSN housing frame