A jamb repair kit is used to join two elements of a jamb or elements of sections V. This kit is used as a substitute in case of jamb connecting hooks damage or for strengthening the jambs.

Repair Kit consist of:

  • Two hook bolts M24 with strength properties of the thread 8,8
  • Yoke made with profile Jd25 or Jd29 or Jd32/34/36
  • special nut M24 kl.8

Arc housing suscepitible jambs are designed to protect galleries, especially when the roof pressure occurs, or in a case of thill loads, sidewall loads or many-sided loads.

The Company Europejskie Technologie Górnicze – ETG Sp. z o. o. is a manufacturer of arc housing suscepitible jambs.

Cerificate for a jamb kit